New Artist Collaboration:  Sarah Ann Walters x Bamboo Trading Company

New Artist Collaboration: Sarah Ann Walters x Bamboo Trading Company

When we first saw Sarah Ann Walters spirited artwork we knew a great collection was in the making.  By combining Sarah's colorful designs with the artisans we work with in India, we've created a wardrobe of very unique handbags.

The Sarah Walters collection includes about 8 core designs that stylistically depict characters ranging from playful to mythical. 

Boadie (shown above) is a spirited little octopus that floats across Club Bags and Wallets. 

"Boadie was named after my Dad," Sarah explains. "It is his middle name - like an Octopus he is unapologetic about who he is, and has as many great qualities as an Octopus has tenticles!" 

The adorable turtle Deagan is named after Sarah's young son:

"Deagan goes with the flow and is a free spirit.  Drawn from the shared memories of my stepdad who was a turtle tracker ... Deagan and I spent many days helping him rehab and release baby turtles back into the sea."


Free Flow depicts an illustrious mermaid with flowing pink hair and giant green eyes.  The words "The Ocean Sets me Free - Flow with It" is artfully embroidered throughout the design.  

"I live by the sea and believe in mermaids," says Sarah of Free Flow.  "I have always loved drawing mermaids.  One of my favorite quotes is: I'm a mermaid because I'm not afraid of depth." 

We hope you'll explore our entire collection of Sarah Walters bags

Sarah Ann Walters is a native of Eastern Central Florida where she currently lives with her family. Sarah has loved art all her life and pours her heart into the designs she creates.  Inspired by 1960’s graphics, her work is full of color and joy. 

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