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Dorian Club Bag by Sarah Walters

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Dorian is a rainbow haired beauty festooned with shimmering sequins and beads. A comical genius, she's the life of the party wherever she goes - even when there's no party at all.

Created by Florida designer Sarah Ann Walters, this bespectacled Club Bag features design inspiration straight out of the 70's. Bright blue eyes are balanced by a set of too-cool-for-school square framed glasses. Pouty bow lips bespeak a touch of melancholy with a hint of a wry smile. Wear this cool babe with confidence, because she'll have your back in every situation.

Our Club Bags are changing the lives of over 1,000 people in Uttar Pradesh, India's poorest state. Your purchase makes a difference! 

4.5"W x 7.5"H


Glass beads, embroidery and silk.

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Sarah Ann Walters

Sarah Ann Walters is a native of Eastern Central Florida where she currently lives with her family. Sarah has loved art all her life and pours her heart into the designs she creates.  Inspired by 1960’s graphics, her work is full of color and joy. 

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