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Bamboo Trading Company

Huipil Patchwork Tote

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Why wear only one style of Huipil when you can wear them all? This bag contains two zippers side-by-side on the back of the tote, one zipper inside, and a zipper on top to ensure safe travels! Each piece in our Huipil Collection is upcycled from a huipil- a traditional Guatemalan textile. Huipil have been worn by women for generations! Woven by hand using a traditional back strap loom, the designs woven into each huipil represent not only the personality but the marital, social, and religious status of the women who wear them. Each piece is unique and shares the culture, stories, and traditions of these beautiful women.
Colors and patterns will vary with each piece.

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Our designs are created by true artisans.

Each piece in our vast collection of accessories was hand loomed, beaded, embroidered, sewn, or fabricated by artisans dwelling in villages around the world. Their craft is often handed down through generations of artisans dating back centuries.

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